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Orpheonic Singing

After great period of absence of music in school, with the promulgation of a new LDB, 9394/96 and the creation of Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), this education came back as one of the modalities of disciplines Art. Exactly thus music remains absent in the majority of the public schools. Recently it was approved Law 11,769/08, that it deals with the obligatoriness of music in the schools, but still has many questionings on as it will have to be the implanted one. This study it raises important questions of the trajectory of musical education in Brazil and brings a reflection on Canto Orfenico and what one expects for the fulfilment of the new Law. For in such a way, it was carried through bibliographical revision, official research in sites of the Internet and documents. On the basis of the carried through survey, although the amplitude of Canto Orfenico, observes an unfeasibility of implantation of a similar project, mainly had to the historical context, social politician and where the country if finds currently. One also proves the urgent necessity of new quarrels and planejamentos of action for implantation of a new project, therefore although much to struggle itself enters the professionals of the area since the approval of the Law, until the present moment not yet has nothing defined. Word-key: I sing Orfenico; Musical education; pertaining to school resume. vi ABSTRACT This report presents the historical and documentary survey of Orpheonic Singing implanted in 1931 will be Heitor Villa-Wolf, and extended will be about three decades, being the very model of mass' musical comedy education existent in Brazil. In 1961, the first Law of Guidance and Base of National Education, LDB 4024/61, established musical education in the school curriculum finishing of Orpheonic Singing, followed by 5692/71 the LDB when it was withdrawn from the curriculum by the military government being replaced by Artistic Education.